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    Purchasing Information

    • If you are not billing your online order to your school, then your order must be prepaid before we will ship it to you.  You may use the online shopping cart system and pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.
    • If you are shopping in-store with us and are not billing your order to your school, then your order must be prepaid before taking your product from the store. At the store we gladly accept Cash, Debit, Visa or Mastercard.
    • All prices are published in Canadian Funds except where indicated.
    • All orders are subject to 5% GST.
    • All prices published or implied are subject to change without prior notice. We will try to honour prices whenever we can but we are at the mercy of the publishers.

    Returns & Refunds

    • Returns must be made within 14 days of receipt for a full refund except postage. After 14 days all returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
    • No returns will be accepted after 30 days.
    • No returns or refunds will be accepted for items purchased and taken from our booth at a tradeshow or convention.   There is plenty of opportunity to view the items before your purchase and unfortunately, we cannot allow returns or refunds.
    • All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice showing both the date and invoice number. Postage must be prepaid on all returns.
    • We do not accept collect shipments.
    • Returns must be in new and unused condition. If they are returned damaged, written in, or with eraser marks we cannot accept them.
    • We cannot accept software or video returns for any reason but factory defect and only then in exchange for an identical product.
    • Please ensure returns are packed and wrapped carefully to prevent damage.


    We at SMARTS value your business very much.  That being said, we are committed to providing excellent service to you.  Perhaps the biggest challenge for our company is managing backorders.

    We like backorders about as much as our customers like backorders – simply speaking, we don’t.   We especially don’t like the fact that our customers have to wait for their product.  Unfortunately, at certain times of the year, especially during the months of August, September & October, backorders may occur.

    When we do the bulk of our stock ordering in the Spring, it is sometimes hard to anticipate exactly what our customers will be ordering come the Fall.  We order in a great deal of stock to allow for enough inventory-on-hand, however we find that five or six items every year seem to be a “hot item” and we will run out.

    As well, periodically, our publishers may make revisions and conduct a “reprint” of their publications – this may cause some delays as well.

    The terms under which we order from our suppliers are quite strict – there is usually a minimum order that we need to meet before an order can be placed. For that reason, SMARTS usually needs to get a number of items together before placing the order with the publisher or manufacturer.

    We strive to place an order with each of our publishers as often as we can. Each order may take 10 to 14 days to ship from the publisher and then from there, we make every attempt to get the backordered product to you within a week after that.  This may result in your backordered item taking up to a month to arrive to you.

    At the time of placing your initial order, if we find that an item is out-of-stock and needing to be backordered, we will first check with you to see if you’d like this backorder to occur.  If you don’t want any backorders, we will promptly refund you for the item that is out of stock plus GST.   If you would still like the out-of-stock item, we will place the backorder for you.  You will see the backordered item appear on your original invoice.  Shipping may have to be slightly adjusted to allow for the second mailing (of the backorder). 

    One suggestion that may help reduce the possibility of backorders – if possible, we encourage all families and teachers to plan early for the following year by doing most of their ordering in the Spring.  This means enrolling or registering early with your DL program and getting your childrens’ Student Learning Plans developed with their teachers.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Backorder Policies, please give us a call Toll Free at 1 (877) 817-6278.

    Shipping Policy

    Most orders will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of order. Expect delays during the months of July – September because of the volume of materials processed on a daily basis. Items that are temporarily out of stock will be back ordered and shipped as they become available (usually within 30 days or less).

    At the time of the initial order, if we see that an item is out-of-stock and to be backordered, we will first check with you to see if you still want the item(s).  If you’d like us to order in the out-of-stock item, it will be charged on the initial order ~ additional shipping may have to be charged.  If you wish to cancel the item(s) not in stock, then we will promptly refund the cost of that item plus GST to your initial order.   (Please check further details in our Backorders section).

    Regular shipping rates are as follows:

    • Orders up to $50                   = $ 8 postage + GST
    • Orders $51 to $100               = $10 postage + GST
    • Orders $101 to $150             = $15 postage + GST
    • Orders $151 to $200             = $19 postage + GST
    • Orders $201 to $250             = $21 postage + GST
    • Orders $251 to $300             = $24 postage + GST
    • Orders $301 to $350             = $26 postage + GST
    • Orders $351 to $400             = $28 postage + GST
    • Orders $401 to $450             = $32 postage + GST
    • Orders $451 to $500             = $36 postage + GST
    • Orders $501 & Up                  = 8% plus GST
    • Shipping and handling charges for BC & AB are based on the amount of the total order – minimum charge for shipping is $8.00.
    • All prices are in Canadian funds. Please inquire via email or phone for any international orders.
    • As indicated, all shipping is subject to 5% GST.


    All of our pricing and transactions are conducted in Canadian Dollars.  Online Credit Card purchases are processed through INTERNET SECURE. All in-store orders are processed through TD Debit,  TD Merchant Visa or First Data Loan Mastercard.

    Your Privacy

    User privacy and security are very important to us here at SMARTS. We are committed to protecting your privacy online.  We will never share your personal information with anyone without your explicit consent.

    When using our Shopping Cart or the “Contact” section of this site, you may

    choose to share personal information with us including your name, address, email and financial information for processing your order.  We use this information only to communicate with you, respond to your request, and forward you additional information about our company and services.

    SMARTS will NEVER share or release information about you or your company to any third parties without your express written consent.  We will also never share or sell your email address to anyone!

    Traffic Monitoring

    We collect anonymous information about every visit to our site by tracking Internet Protocol (IP) addresses on an aggregate basis. We do not link IP addresses to any personal information associated to an individual visitor.  We use this information only to track the number of distinct user sessions to our website.

    Links to Other Sites

    Though our site contains links to many other websites, we are not responsible for the content, website links, or privacy policies of any of those websites.

    Third-Party Affiliations

    A few of our products are services are provided by third-parties with which we are affiliated.  Although we sell their products and services directly from our site, we are not responsible for their privacy policies or any information contained on their websites.

    Customer Service

    Customer satisfaction is very important to us.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us.

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