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SMARTS is pleased to offer customized study sets for all learners from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. Also, SMARTS has worked in partnership with HCOS to compile specific study sets for that school. Families looking for their school’s study set will find it here!

HCOS Study Sets

HCOS Families! Here you’ll find your HCOS customized study sets, prepared in collaboration with HCOS advisors. Please, HCOS sets only available to those families enrolled with Heritage Christian Online.

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EBUS Study Sets

EBUS Families! Here you’ll find your EBUS customized study sets.  To place your order, use the Purchase Order box with the code EBUS and then the first 4 letters of your last name.

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SMARTS Study Sets

SMARTS Study Sets have been designed to act as a starting point to equip your child for his or her academic year. Most areas of your child’s core learning can be achieved through using these sets.

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